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South African products from your local Spaza (formerly known as the Springbok Café)

A small, unregulated and unlicensed grocery shop, usually run from a private house. Frequently (and in its earlier use) as an attributive, e.g., a ‘spaza shop’.

Mrs Ball’s – a stock item in every South African’s pantry.

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Ouma Buttermilk rusks. Another South African favourite.

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Freshpak Rooibos Tea. South Africa’s favourite rooibos tea.

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Iwisa Maize Meal. Slap, braai, and krummelpap – all in one packet.

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South Africa’s favourite products from your online spaza! We stock all your favourite goodies. Ouma’s RusksMrs Ball’s Blatjang (Chutney), Nando sauces and rubs, Simba Chips, ProNutroRajah Curry Powder, Ina Paarman’s Spices, and more. We also have a full range of biltong and droëwors in various flavours, produced right here in Switzerland from local meat, with real South African spices.

Ons praat Afrikaans en Engels ewe maklik. En help graag mede Suid Afrikaners. Kom kry gerus julle Ouma Beskuit, Mrs Ball se Blatjang, en ander Suid Afrikaanse produkte by ons.

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We’ll also offer boerewors, biltong cutters, and other useful items us as South Africans need in our day-to-day lives.

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